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Portfolio of Grant Moonifesters

In this round of funding, we invited proposals that moonifest ancient wisdom, activate holistic artistic awakening, and catalyze Earth regeneration.

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Moonifest Portfolio Inspires Sacred Trails and Colonization Protests

Round 6 Spring '12 Grant Recipients Announced!

Congratulations to the following recipients of Round 6 Moonifest Micro-Grants-

Moonifest Grant Winner BadgeThree new recipients were announced in April '12, including:


Moonifest Portfolio inspires women permaculture farmers, ancestral land writings, earth yoga, magic circles, and earthen cob art studios

Round 5 Autumn '11 Grant Recipients Announced!

Congratulations to the following recipients of Round 5 Moonifest Micro-Grants-

Moonifest Grant Winner BadgeFive new recipients were announced in November '11, including:


Moonifest Portfolio Inspires Ancestral Earth Walks and Moon Divas

Round 4 Spring '11 Grant Recipients Announced!

Congratulations to the following recipients of Round 4 Moonifest Micro-Grants-

Moonifest Grant Winner BadgeTwo new recipients were announced in March, '11:


Moonifest Inspires Writing, Voices of Truth, and Sparkling Earth...

Grant Recipient Portfolio - Moonifestations of Earth Regeneration

Round 3 Autumn '10 Grant Recipients Announced!

Congratulations to the following recipients of Round 3 Moonifest Micro-Grants:

Moonifest Grant Winner BadgeFour new recipients were announced on October 10, '10:


Moonifest Inspires Artists and Earth Regeneration...

Round 2 Early Spring '10 Grant Recipients Awarded!

Congratulations to the following recipients of Round 2 Moonifest Micro-Grants:

Yo logo is a blue strength fist rising up Yo! has been awarded grant units to provide nonviolent women's self-defense workshops in Texas. "An ongoing series of 3-hour workshops titled "Self Defense Without Violence, Yo!" About previous workshops: In a safe public setting (public library meeting room), the participants gathered with us to heal and share, speak and learn. We led interactive exercises, including an opening ritual, practice in using our voices strategically, and performance (spoken word poetry and song). We discussed the use of women's image/body in media advertising and the impacts of this on societal expectations - of the ways in which ads distort our perception of women and girls. Some of the participants and even the team presenters openly wept, revealed long-held sorrows, questions, and hopes. All were treated with respect and unconditional positive regard. We are cultivating strong women in our community, women who can learn ways to minimize the impacts of sexism and violence in our lives and thereby become empowered to help others and to become leaders in the growing of a less hurtful culture. We are nurturing the sustainable woman with workshops that include ritual elements of circle-building, sharing of intentions, and a pro-woman altar of talismans, power symbols, and flowers. We offer a communal learning event that provides a sense of comfort and serenity, evoking nurturance, alliance-building, and cooperation."


Myshkin excavating the building siteMyshkin is a performing artist who used a Moonifest grant to help complete her cob home/music studio on a permaculture art farm, The Gypsy Cafe, in Oregon. The space helps her record her music, featured as Myshkin's Ruby Warblers.

"So I left Portland and became a founding member of the permaculture art farm we call the Gypsy Cafe, took a few years off music, and focused on building both a community and a gorgeous little cob studio.

Liane working on a cob wall at Gypsy CafeCob is a mixture of clay, sand, straw and water, dug mostly from the site itself, stomped by feet into a durable, efficient and beautiful building material, and hand sculpted into walls, floors and furniture. I have loved the idea of cob building since I first heard of it, and had studied and felt ready to take on the project, but it would not have reached completion without the many helping hands and feet of land-mates, friends, and WWOF volunteers who put their love and energy into it.

Margie, Lily, and Virginia Mixing Cob for the Gypsy Cafe Cob Home and Music StudioBy early this year, I had most of the building done, and was working on getting the studio electrified and ready to make music in. I was also getting myself ready to get back to the work of music - writing, recording and touring. I asked for some help in these two areas and Moonifest came through brilliantly. September 2010 finds me recording new tunes and getting ready to take off for a 3 week UK tour, my first overseas tour in 3 years.

Silhouette of Myshkin's Cob House Thanks so much for your work, and taking it upon yourselves to create a micro-funding source for women who are on track and under the radar, ya'll rock!

Peace, mud, and strong dreams, Myshkin"


Congratulations 2010 Round 2 Grant Recipients, You Inspire Us! Please come back to visit and receive updates about our amazing Moonifesters as their dreams unfurl!


ElizaBeth Bando has this to share about her experience receiving a 2009 Moonifest grant:

Image of frog sitting on a branch with flowers in the forest' "Being an artist can feel like being an island. Many an idea ends up buried in the sand. People need to engage with one another to spark energy and make ideas a reality. People need to find the family that understands their ideas.

I was in the process of taking a little theatrical show that I had created and turning it into a one woman storytelling performance piece. Fortunately for me, I discovered Moonifest. The blessings from this connection are too numerous to mention, so I will focus on two. My little show may have ended up buried in the sand. Working with Moonifest, indeed allowed it to manifest. The second blessing is finding a spiritual home where artists understand that art can be an earth centered experience.

'Being Green and Other Mysteries' has had its first workshop and is well on its way to finding its final shape and form. This is a gift made possible by Moonifest."

Grant Recipient Portfolio - Moonifestations of Earth Regeneration

Round 1 Summer '09 Grant Recipients Announced!

Congratulations to the following recipients of Round 1 Moonifest Micro-Grants:

picture of woman rising out of flames with birds flying around her Melanie Weidner received 12 grant units for new digital photo and scanning equipment to support her artistic pilgrimmage journey this summer to the Southwestern US. She captured images along her journey and in the summer and fall '09 produce at least four spiritual collages of earth connection, and Moonifest will help promote an art opening of her work in Portland. Melanie will also weave these works into her Spiritual Direction and art coaching practice Listen for Joy, and her work with artists and women. Additionally, the artist will make available a round of art-collage workshops to women with limited access to creative outlets (low-income or imprisoned women) later in '09. "I intend for these collages and my summer experience to spark the community to then begin telling stories. My giftedness and my practice are to synthesize spiritual learning, artistic imagery, and communication skills to create art presentations and workshop events that invite others to engage with the wisdom I've gathered in order to evoke and empower their own. My summer pilgrimage art will create the perfect introduction and atmosphere for community spirituality events, and will model the transformative possibilities of both inner journey and integrative art-making." Thanks Melanie for your inspiring work!


Picture of the artist workshopping 'Being Green and Other Mysteries,' shaking a tree and an apple ElizaBeth Bando received 1 grant unit to support stage props and other PR for production in the summer '09 of her new play "Being Green and Other Mysteries." The play centers on the learning process of five cousins who come into relationship with a Magical Moonlit Tree. The play offers "practical tips on being green in day to day life, and the mysterious possibility that the earth can (and does) participate with us, communicate with us and illuminate truth and how to live well." ElizaBeth has also worked with a Seneca elder and shares her theater coaching with the development of Women's Circles. "In our Circles, our purpose was to come to know who we are through the earth, to live in truth and harmony with her, self and other. Eventually, my quest was woven into a philosophy that I call 'Earth, Art amp; Heart.'"

Comments from the audience:

From Glenda B.: "I want to see this show go into the school systems."

From Meredith GB:"I teach in the school system and I want you to bring it to my school. I can't wait to build a study guide around it."

From Jack M.:"I love the potential for kids and adults alike to take some of what they heard and put it to use in their own homes."

Various audience members renewed their vow to recycle, especially water bottles. They had no idea we use so many and so few end up in the recycling bin.

Thanks Beth for your amazing work!

We will provide portfolio updates as the artists' work unfolds!

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